handmade and authentic flavors

2Rios Steakhouse 9713
2Rios Steakhouse 9690

Our specialty is the preparation of dishes with a homemade touch, giving you a genuine taste and distinctive. The meat is the main course and the service flag of 2Rios. Variety is the defining quality of this space, being that, between the various opportunities, You can opt for a veal costeletão - for two people - an empty steak, a burger or salad. The confection of each dish is designed to provide you with a satisfying and rich experience in handmade flavors.

Other services



Besides being able to enjoy various concerts on our terrace, our space can be booked to celebrate his birthday with family and friends.



Our wines, liqueurs and cocktails promise to be most refreshing breeze that the characteristic of a place by the river. Ideal for an evening relaxed in a relaxed atmosphere.



A cocktail is even more delicious when accompanied by sunbeams, alternately refreshed with a dip in our pool. Take the opportunity to join the family and cool off!